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Bill Cosby Invited Reporters to Watch Him Eat Pasta and Made a #MeToo Joke

"I just shook your hand like a man. Please don’t put me on #MeToo."
January 12, 2018, 9:28pm
Screengrab via the Philadelphia Inquirer / YouTube

Accused sexual predator Bill Cosby stepped out for some Italian food with friends on Wednesday, and for some reason, he decided to invite a bunch of reporters along. In what the Philadelphia Inquirer called "a decidedly odd affair," the disgraced star told jokes over penne, claimed he was "ready" for his upcoming retrial, and waded into the current #MeToo movement.

"Please don't put me on #MeToo," Cosby told a female reporter. "I just shook your hand like a man."

It was a strange moment at an already bizarre PR stunt, which saw Cosby, his publicists, and an old friend ham it up while reporters swirled around the disgraced star. A friend of Cosby's even recorded him at his table while he cracked a few jokes on camera.

It's not clear if Cosby really doesn't understand the #MeToo movement, or was just making a tasteless attempt at humour, but it's not a surprising comment coming from a guy who was brazen enough to suggest a speaking tour aimed at "young athletes" and adolescent men to warn them that "anything at this point can be considered sexual assault."

Cosby has since walked back on the idea, but it's just one of the ways he's stayed busy after his mistrial last June. After more than 50 women came forward accusing the 80-year-old comedian of drugging and assaulting them, Cosby was charged with three counts of sexual assault stemming from an incident with Andrea Constand in 2004. The jury grew deadlocked—and apparently argued about Constand's "bare midriff"—ultimately leading a judge to declare a mistrial.

Cosby will head back to court in April and faces a maximum ten-year prison sentence—though it doesn't seem like he has any plans to give up his old life.

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