Canada Unveils Plan to Legalize Pot

By 2018, Canada will become the second country in the world to fully legalize the retail sale of marijuana. Here’s the full plan.

by Justin Ling
Apr 13 2017, 6:03pm

Marijuana will be readily available across Canada by next year, under Justin Trudeau's new plan to regulate, tax, and sell the drug.

The plan, which is likely to pass Parliament, is entitled "The Cannabis Act" and will allow Canadians to buy and possess 30 grams of marijuana, or the equivalent in edibles or oil. Since the plan was introduced by the governing Liberal Party, which holds a majority in Parliament, it will almost certainly become law without significant change.

The minimum age for possessing marijuana will be 18 on a national level, although younger users won't be prosecuted—at least not on the federal level.

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