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Shabazz Palaces Descend from Heaven and Bring a Piece with Them on "Shine a Light"

An aurora borealis of rap in advance of the group's new concept album 'Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star.'

by Phil Witmer
Apr 25 2017, 2:46pm

Victoria Kovios

Seattle rap mystics Shabazz Palaces are probably the best at the whole "music you listen to on drugs" thing, primarily because their songs are so unnervingly hypnotic that drugs aren't needed in the first place. Their last release was the great psychedelic opus Lese Majesty, and from the sounds of things, they've only upped the conceptual ante along with their distinct take on underground rap.

The group's upcoming album is called Quazars: Born on a Gangster Star and it's out July 14th. Whether or not this name is an homage to the classic duo of DJ Premier and Guru is unknown, but it apparently follows the titular character, "a sentient being from somewhere else." The album's first single "Shine a Light" is as clear a statement of purpose as you'll get from a project that's likely to be as heady as this, with a classy but scuffed-up 70s soul sample that keeps getting prodded at by off-time kick drums, hand claps and guest performer Thaddillac's uplifting hook. You can listen to the song in its accompanying lyric video above.

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