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Follow Those Rap Dreams: Junk’s “Saved Me” with Snak the Ripper Is a Success Story

“Rap music saved my life.”

by Devin Pacholik
Dec 9 2016, 6:28pm

Fresh off an international tour, BC rapper Junk along with Snak the Ripper released a new video for "Saved Me." The track, produced by AllRounda with scratching by DJ Abel, is from Junk's 2016 I.A.N.  album and documents his rise. He is an up and coming Stompdown Killa (SKD) affiliate; his story marks another chapter in the ever-growing legacy of the movement. "Rap music saved my life," Junk says on the track.

"This video to me summarizes what I've been working at this rap shit for—over the ten years.," Junk told Noisey. "It's a coming of age into a new chapter of being able to live off something I love to do, which a very small portion of are able to do. It will also be a constant reminder of how much fun I had on this tour with a crazy group of fuckers." Watch Junk's "Saved Me" below.

Devin Pacholik writes from Regina. He's on Twitter.

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