Toronto Rental Opportunity: Shit in Front of People You Love

At least it’s close to public transit.

by Allison Tierney
May 16 2017, 8:51pm

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As someone who has lived in Parkdale, I can tell you that if you are able to secure a place in the neighbourhood that is bug-free, you are luckier than many. Places for rent in the west-end Toronto area range from not-quite-modern high-rise apartments to mansions converted into way more units than they should be.

Here is one of those aforementioned mansion convert units, with a twist: you can shit in your bedroom. The price for this once-in-a-lifetime arrangement, you ask? $895 per month. No pets, no smoking, first and last month's rent up front, references required. And duh it's on the third floor, so good luck getting a couch up there.

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The listing on describes the two-room bachelor unit's ideal tenant as "single," "mature," "quiet," "clean," "responsible"—sounds like just the type of person who might enjoy shitting in the same room where they sleep and/or maybe have sex with Tinder dates.

I've been told dumping out in front of a date is a total power move.

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