Shaq, the world's biggest Northampton Town fan, has a message for the team

Shaq is, if only in the most literal size-related sense, the world's biggest Northampton Town fan. His team just won England's fourth division, and he is pumped.

by Brian Blickenstaff
May 5 2016, 5:11pm

Early this morning, Shaquille O'Neal, retired basketball great and large human, took to YouTube to shout out a small English soccer team that just won the league. No, it wasn't Leicester City, the new, improbable Premier League champions. It was Northampton Town, which just won League Two, English soccer's 4th division.

Weirdly, this wasn't the first time the big man has shown his support for the Cobblers, a team that has only played one top-flight season—in 1965-66—and whose home stadium has a capacity just shy of 8,000.

Back in February, when Northampton Town went top of the table, Shaq, wearing a sleeveless undershirt and looking like someone just recently roused from a deep sleep, delivered a pump-up message to "Kelvin and the rest of the Cobblers."

Before you go thinking Shaq just fell in love with Northampton after, I don't know, a weekend in the East Midlands, think again. Kelvin is Kelvin Thomas, Northampton Town's chairman. According to ITV, Thomas is also "the owner of Florida-based internet radio station Shaq-Fu. The station was developed in conjunction with former NBA basketball star Shaquille O'Neal and plays a mixture of R&B and Hip-Hop." This goes some way towards solving the mystery of Northampton Town's biggest/largest fan, but we won't judge if you want to go on believing that Shaq is getting up early to watch League Two games on satellite.

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