Donald Trump

Tweetin' Sports with Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Donald Trump: tre-mendous, tre-mendous sports fan. And like most tre-mendous sports fans, shares his opinions on social media.

by Sean Newell
Feb 25 2016, 8:15pm

Donald Trump is currently laying waste to the Republican field of presidential candidates, which probably says more about them and the lunatic fringes of the party, than it does him, but I digress. We're a sports site, and Donald Trump is also a sports fan. Not just any sports fan but a big sports fan. An incredibly powerful and large sports fan who is really, just tre-mendously, tre-mendously good, and not bad like low energy Joe over there in the bleachers with his popcorn. Get it together, Joe.

Trump has opinions on all sorts of sports, and all sorts of athletes and they are generally in line with his personal politics. Good things that he likes are good, and bad things that he doesn't like are just total embarrassments. He also has a keen eye and knows a thing or two, so if he somehow finds his way into the oval office we'll have a real sports fan in charge who knows what he's talking about. So we took a spin through his Twitter archives and put together a representative selection of his best sports tweets.

(This is where he lost my vote. Disgraceful.)

(This is where I considered an assassination plot. Outrageous.)

And, finally, this is quite possibly the most Trump-y Donald Trump sports tweet of them all.

Trump truly is a diverse sports fan. His Yankees homerism is obvious. He is a big Derek Jeter fan—both a great player and a great guy—and really detests A-Rod. You could fill a book with Trump's tweets what a disgraceful loser A-Rod is and how the Yankees should get out of his contract. This view also happened to be in line with the majority of Yankees fans in New York—at least until A-Rod had a season for the ages last year—yet he supported both Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods, two notorious (albeit different kinds of) cheaters. Doesn't add up.

Sports are confusing, like world politics, so we will take our cue from the national political media and just point out these glaring inconsistencies and seemingly nonsensical rantings without ever bothering to ask Trump what the fuck he's actually talking about.