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Sweekuh Just Gave the Cheesiest EDM Anthem of All Time a Brilliant House Makeover

The Philadelphia producer breathes new life into Afrojack's "Take Over Control."
January 29, 2015, 5:07pm

Four years after its release, Afrojack's "Take Over Control" still acts like catnip for EDM bros, unparalleled in its ability to inspire manic fits of fist-pumping. Today, the track got a _Pretty Woman_-style makeover by the Orange County-born, Philadelphia-based producer Sweekuh, who flipped it into something almost unrecognizable—and awesome. Wiping away those screeching synths and stomach-clenching drops, Sweekuh keeps the track slinking along with a warm, rubbery bass. Eva Simon's singing is pitched way down—or maybe even replaced with Sweekuh's own voice—giving the once-girlish vocals a distinctly smoky texture. Now can someone give the real Afrojack a makeover, too?

_Download Sweekuh's remix of "Take Over Control" here _