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Steve Aoki Remixes My Chemical Romance For 10th Anniversary Release

Hear the EDM star's version of "Welcome To The Black Parade."

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 29 2016, 7:07pm

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

EDM DJ Steve Aoki shared a special 10th anniversary remix yesterday of emo band My Chemical Romance's 2006 single "Welcome To the Black Parade," first released on their influential double-platinum LP The Black Parade. Taking the original's rock opera stylings and repositioning them in a festival-ready context, Aoki gives the theatrical track a surging, trap-influenced makeover.

Aoki was effusive about the song's importance in an interview with Buzzfeed about his remix. "This is a song that's not just representing My Chemical Romance, it represents an entire culture," he said. "This is absolutely one of the most important songs of our generation. I was lucky—honored—to be able to work on it." MCR lead singer Gerard Way added: "I think it does a really great job of capturing the essence of the song and turning it into something new."

While theirs might seem like an unlikely pairing, this isn't the first time EDM and emo have overlapped—in July, Skrillex played what sounded like a new song from his old band From First To Last on the OWSLA Beats 1 show.

Earlier this year, MCR reissued The Black Parade as a special 3LP vinyl edition including previously unreleased demos and live versions.

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