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Optiv & BTK Get "Reckless" on Their Latest EP

The drum and bass duo push the genre towards violent intensity.

by THUMP Canada Staff
Dec 4 2015, 4:40pm

From the moment this track starts, you feel like it's going to kick your teeth in—and you're right. An angry bassline chases the sound of a frantically tapping hi-hat. Suddenly, Optiv & BTK's "Reckless" flies into high gear and you're moshing along at a rate of 160 face punches per minute. From its violently rapid tempo, to the monstrous roar of a warped vocalist, the song is a musical exploration of visceral kinetic energy.

"We are really proud of this release and we hope everyone else enjoys it too," the guys tell THUMP of "Reckless," a track off their forthcoming EP Dark City, out on January 8, 2016, on Blackout Music. A classic take on the drum and bass genre, heightened by Optic & BTK's symphonic display of mild insanity, the song is an obvious match for the heavy-industrial obsessed.

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