Shambhala Sends You On "A Journey Home" With Their Official Afterstory

The Canadian festival reveals an audio-visual voyage through some “Shams” adventures in 2014's raver wonderland.

Oct 28 2014, 9:05pm

A JOURNEY HOME (Shambhala Music Festival 2014 Official Afterstory) from Shambhala Music Festival on Vimeo.

It has only been a few months since Shambhala 2014, but hype surrounding its up and coming 18th year has already begun. As Shambhalovers worldwide get ready to secure their place for 2015's festivities (tickets go on sale November 1 folks), Shambhala's media team have released their latest documentation of the festival titled A Journey Home. Based on the events of 2014, the documentary illustrates what has become our own modern-day, Canadian electronic Woodstock. But instead of Jimi Hendrix we have Bassnectar and instead of bell-bottoms we have spirithoods. 

This year's sold out event was a testament to how the festival has grown exponentially over the years. It was born through a pintsized party deep in the hippy paradise of Kootenay and grew into a record breaking festival now numbering at around 15,000. Shambhala Music Festival has become its own world complete with intrinsic realities. Throughout its evolution, organizers at Shambhala have continued to bring attendees of the celebrated festival the latest in sound quality, event production and worldwide talent. 

A Journey Home: Shambhala Music Festival Afterstory 2014 brings viewers on an audio-visual voyage through several atypical "Shams" adventures in a young raver wonderland. From half-naked dancing, to bubble blowing, to making out with strangers until sunrise, the documentary offers a glimpse into what the festival means to everyone. It's a 15 minute short made especially for those awaiting their return.