SoundCloud Streams to Be Capped at 15,000 Per Day for Third Party ​APIs

The Berlin-based company's continued efforts to monetize grow more invasive by the day.

Jun 19 2015, 1:57pm

The protracted saga of SoundCloud's move towards monetization has been much discussed over the past year, but their latest move will have users crying foul from Berlin to Baltimore.

As of July 1, plays from outside of the URL and through third party platforms (also known as API plays) will now be limited to 15,000 per day before blacking out until the 24-hour cycle renews.

Currently, API plays do not allow for SoundCloud's newly-imposed advertisements to appear. This is widely considered to be the major motivation for the maneuver.

In a document released earlier today, SoundCloud stated: "As the ecosystem has grown, we're dealing with an increasing number of applications that abuse creator content. To help us limit this type of behavior, we're introducing a daily rate limit on API play requests."

Read the full statement here.

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