Jared Goff Uses "Halle Berry" Audible and She Called Him Out on Twitter

Goff was heard using the Academy Award winner's name during the Rams game against the Seahawks and the 'Monster's Ball' star wants to know what's up.

by Sean Newell
Nov 12 2018, 2:50pm

Photo by Mike Nelson/EPA

Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams joined rarified air yesterday in their 36-31 win over the Seattle Seahawks. Sure, they are 9-1 and tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for the best record in football, but more importantly: they have made news for one of their audibles. Like Aaron Rodgers's "New York Bozo" or the (less humorous) "Omaha" used by the Manning brothers, Jared Goff can be hear calling a play with a unique name: "Halle Berry."

And, unlike an unidentified dummy from the Empire State or a non-human geographical region, Halle Berry was actually able to take notice of the shout out:

After the game, reporters told Goff about Berry's tweet, and he was really jazzed about it:

"Wait, hold on, are you serious?" Goff said. "She heard it!"

Goff quickly searched for Berry's tweet, then grew increasingly animated as he showed it to teammates and coaches.

"It's so funny," Goff said. "The thing is, when [Coach Sean McVay] called it, I was like, 'It's so quiet right now, this is going to get on TV.'"

Goff can't take credit for naming the play, though, that was all McVay. The coach wouldn't tell reporters what the significance of the name was since it was probably tied to the scheme of the play itself, but it wound up as an eight-yard pass to tight end Tyler Higbee.

Goff did eventually respond directly to Berry later in the day and we also learned it's his favorite play:

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