People Are Reviewing Their Legal Weed On This Subreddit

Hey, at least some Canadians were able to get their cannabis.

by Manisha Krishnan
Oct 22 2018, 7:19pm

Photo via Reddit user 


Recreational weed is proving to be very popular in Canada—so popular that we’re already experiencing massive product shortages.

One of the big questions surrounding legalization is how legal weed, manufactured by federally licensed producers, compares to black market weed in terms of quality.

LP weed, which supplies the medical system, has long been subject to complaints over quality and lack of selection.

Now it appears people are crowdsourcing photos and reviews of their legal weed on a subreddit called /r/RecPics! Cute, right?

The thread contains photos of the actual bud as well the ugly, plain Health Canada-mandated packaging it comes in, along with reviews, such as “Smells like lemon with a hint of pine, maybe?” and “the buds are really dry, it crumbles between my fingers.” If you live in Ontario, this is may be the closest you’ll get to experience legal weed, since it seems very few people have already received their online orders and there are no stores.

The thread even contains some conspiracy theories about how LPs are allegedly “rushing” to produce their weed.

It’s worth noting that Leafly already has a comprehensive library of strain reviews.

But if terms like “trichomes” and “terpenes” don’t mean anything to you, try reading our primer for newbies:

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