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K-Pop Group yyxy Just Released New Single with Grimes... Apparently

The four-piece K-pop group, who are part of a 12-piece K-pop group, appear without Grimes in the video for the song, and nobody's quite sure what the pop wunderkind's role is here. Still, it's a fun, sugary bit of pop.

by Alex Robert Ross
May 30 2018, 2:58pm

This morning, the little-known K-pop group yyxy—a four-member sub-unit of the 12-piece all-girl troupe Loona—released a new single called "love4eva." It features Grimes, the pop wunderkind and current center of the internet's solar system. But Grimes is absent from the song's official video, and her voice is not immediately recognizable in the song itself. My head hurts, and I need a lie-down.

The song itself is a slice of sugary, slickly produced pop with lyrics that jump between Korean and English. The distorted EDM-like synths, particularly in the glitchy breakdown before the end, are Grimes-like, I guess. The video sees the four members of yyxy—who are also a part of Loona; someone pass me an ibuprofen—dancing around at a boarding school, having to impress a prim teacher, and eventually wandering off into the forest for some reason.

You can watch the video above, and it will not give you the answers. You'll just have to enjoy it for the baffling piece of catchy pop that it is. I'm going to go drink some water now.

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