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No One Needs a Vacation More Than This Guy Who Tried to Rip a Plane Door Open

We get it, dude.

by Drew Schwartz
May 18 2018, 1:21am

Screengrab via 9News

For months, those of us in New York have been barricaded inside, sad as hell, and extremely fucking cold, but now finally—thank God—the golden, glorious days of summer are upon us. We're still stuck inside at our desks, but now we're daydreaming of waterslides, eating way too much Mister Softee's, and going on a long-awaited summer trip. So we can sympathize with a man in Australia who was hell-bent on ensuring nothing came between him and his glorious vacation.

According to Australia's 9News, the 57-year-old showed up to Melbourne's airport only to find out he was hours late for his flight to Adelaide. We've all been there, but, unlike most of us, this passenger refused to accept that he'd be trapped in Melbourne for another goddamn minute. He'd set his mind on getting out of there, and he was going to do whatever it took to make that happen.

Presumably psyching himself up with the thought of a glorious, stress-free day off, the guy reportedly lit up a cig (inside!), sprinted to the nearest gate, and barreled out onto the tarmac, making a beeline for the first plane he saw. Be it sheer desperation or some deep-seeded distaste for all the abusive airline personnel out there, witnesses said he ran up the stairs that led to the plane's door, "scratching and punching" the crew members that tried to stop him. Finally, he reached the door and did his best to just rip the thing open.

Sure, beating up a bunch of innocent airline employees isn't a great look, and yes, this guy caused yet another airplane horror for a bunch of passengers by delaying their flight by about an hour. But you know what? We get it.

Like all of us, the guy probably just really needed a break—and when he found out his trip had been robbed from him, he snapped. One look at how forcefully he tries to rip open that door—using all the strength in his back, throwing his leg up on the side of the aircraft, actually almost getting it open—and it's clear. This guy needs a vacation, he needs it bad, and he will stop at nothing to get it. Can't we all relate to that?

Unfortunately for him, his apparent need for a getaway didn't carry much weight with the cops. After a few flight personnel managed to pin him down, police arrested him and charged him with unlawful assault of an airline employee, flushing his chances of getting that sweet, sweet PTO he was after down the drain.

Wherever you are, rogue airplane man, know this: We understand. As much as we'd like to, not all of us have the guts to run out onto a tarmac and try to force our way onto an airplane to make that vacation happen—but you do. For your dedication, for your commitment to pursuing your trip at all costs, and for the lengths to which you went to realize it, we salute you.

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