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Sufjan Stevens Will Perform at the Oscars So Get Your Fancy Hanky Ready

Stevens will play "Mystery of Love" from the 'Call Me By Your Name' soundtrack, which is nominated for the Best Original Song Academy Award.

by Lauren O'Neill
Feb 23 2018, 3:41pm

Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Tibet House US

I don't usually tune into the Oscars with the intention of total catharsis in mind (usually it's just to give my scathing but expert Joan Rivers-style fashion critiques) but for 2018 that may have to change. At this year's ceremony, Sufjan Stevens will play his damn Call Me By Your Name song and I'm going to cry up a lung, thanks.

It's a tradition for the Academy Awards to have artists who're nominated for the Best Original Song award performing on the night to provide buffers between presenters, so Sufjan will be playing "Mystery of Love," one of his contributions for the soundtrack of the singular Call Me By Your Name, which is also a Best Picture nominee. Alongside him, as per the Academy's announcement, will be Common, Mary J. Blige, and a number of others. Please join me in weeping at a livestream, in front of a fireplace à la Elio, on the evening of March 4.

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