Maylee Todd Gives Us Intimate Dance-Pop on ‘Acts of Love’

Come for the sleek R&B, stay for the track called "Arbys Combo 1."

Nov 3 2017, 3:15pm

Image courtesy of the artist

Maylee Todd is genuinely one of Toronto's most exciting musicians. Todd's penchant for evolving as an artist—both inside of music and in her other visual endeavors—makes her work thrilling because she feeds her creative spirit, not adhering to a trend. On her newest record, the sprawling 16 track Acts of Love that is out today, Todd weaves us through sleek R&B beats, like on opener "Afanyala" and "One of These Days," while moving toward dance-pop on "Eye to Eye" and "Disco Dicks 5000." The hybrid of the two appears on the amazingly titled "Arbys Combo 1." Some of the tracks first appeared as part of her multimedia show Virtual Womb, which included 3-D projection mapping, as well as interactive therapy and music.

Todd produced Acts of Love entirely on her own in the winter in her bedroom; working hard at learning new software and piecing together this expansive record. Acts of Love is intimate, and cool in temperature rather than temperament. It has celebratory and sensual elements touching all of the songs, in a sense, like "I Got My Life" and "Poetry of Intuition." While it is so intimate, a real bedroom record in terms of production and softness, Todd's tracks also belong in the club, soundtracking your late-night memories.

Listen to Acts of Love here and watch the video for her track "Downtown" below: