Signs Are Going Up Reminding You Not to Bring Your Weed into the United States

In case you forgot, your cannabis could get you banned for life.

by Sierra Bein
Sep 21 2018, 6:37pm

Left photo via Reddit user Halfbloood. Right photo via Pixabay. 

A week after a US border official said Canadians could be barred from America for life if they admit to having consumed weed, signs near the Quebec border are deterring people from taking cannabis down south.

An image posted on Reddit, taken in Lacolle, Que., which is near a border crossing into Vermont, shows a sign featuring a crossed out weed leaf.

Recreational weed will be legal on Oct. 17, but Canadians have been warned about the consequences of travelling to the US with any affiliation with cannabis—including potentially being banned for life.

The fact that Canada will have a legal regime, plus that many US states have legalized weed as well, will no doubt result in some confusion. For example, even though it is legal for adults to possess and grow limited amounts of cannabis in Vermont, there are still a lot of rules that you can break. And cannabis is still illegal under federal US law.

There’s no word yet on when or if these signs will be placed along the rest of the Canadian border.

There are some things to keep in mind when crossing the border as a Canadian involved with cannabis in order to keep yourself safe and the easiest one is not to bring anything with you even close to the border.

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