Luna Li Is Grim for the Summer in “Silver Into Rain” Video

The Toronto indie rock group’s newest single is a stunner that captures the unique feel of a sad warm season.

Jun 22 2018, 3:00pm

Do you remember how gloomy and awful the winter was? Bear with me, I promise I’m going somewhere brighter with this. It’s humid and sunny now, but only a handful of months ago, everything seemed bleak and harder than it should have been. But we survived it, right? We got to the sparkly, hazy goodness of summer.

Luna Li capture a relatable grimness that one can overcome on “Silver Into Rain.” The Toronto indie rock group swerved a bit from their sound, producing something a little darker in theme and tone that nonetheless still illuminates and enhances frontperson Hannah Bussiere’s deep vocals. Bussiere sings about glumly sipping on rosé and feeling a kind of overwhelming sadness, like thick storm clouds forming above, that have no immediate dissipation. But there is a hint that it gets better when, near the end of the video, Bussiere looks celebratory with silvery streamers cascading down around her as she dances.

The video, directed by Hallie Switzer, is visually stunning, too, experimenting with less light, more darkness, and metallics. It all fits into what feels like an exciting aesthetic arc that will come to define the rock band as much as their sound does.

"I wrote this song last June when it rained relentlessly for 3 days straight. The themes in my lyrics were pulled from that rainy, dark, and cloudy week,” Hannah Bussiere told Noisey. “It's the first of my new batch of songs that have a more unconventional form, and makes the shift to using riffs and lines to hold down the structure rather than chords.”

She continued: “I recorded this song with my drummer and production partner Braden this past winter, just the two of us in the studio. He played drums and bass and I played everything else. I love having it just be us two working on the songs because I get to put all of my production, arranging, and instrumental skills to work, and not just leave it up to somebody else - I love having that control."

Watch the video above.

Sarah MacDonald is a Toronto-based editor and writer. She's on Twitter.