Man Fined Thousands For Giving Weed to a 13-Year-Old

Just because weed is legal doesn’t mean there aren’t laws around it.

by Mack Lamoureux
Oct 29 2018, 9:32pm

Photos via Pixabay.

Now that weed is legal, the kiddos out there who want to get their hands on cannabis have had to switch things up.

Kids attempting to get their hands on the devil’s lettuce won’t be getting dealers like we did when we were underage. Instead, it’ll be closer to how older generations got their booze. You know the thing where you get an older sibling or stranger to buy booze for you either because they’re kind-hearted, or you offered cash or whatever. It goes by many names—in my hometown, it was called booting, others called it fishing—but it’s always the same.

Now it seems like this strategy is being applied to weed and, like with booze, most of the risk falls to the of-age buyer, not the kids. Just ask the person in Manitoba who got a $2,542 fine after helping a 13-year-old get their hands on some weed.

The fine was issued by the Sandy Bay Manitoba First Nations Police Service. According to a news release by the Manitoba First Nations Police Service, a youth came to school high after lunch on Friday and some of the workers at the school knew what was going on. The narcs at the school then informed the police who came and talked to the youth who then admitted to smoking weed—and he also told them who he got it from.

Police found the person who was of legal age and charged him with “supplying cannabis to a young person.”

This person is just the latest person to feel the wrath of Canada’s legal framework that surrounds cannabis. In Windsor, just days after legalization on October 17, a man was fined for having cannabis “readily available” in his vehicle when driving—he received a $215 fine. A separate man in Sarnia received the same fine on the same day.

Weed is legal, yes, but we can’t forget that it comes with a whole litany of annoying laws surrounding it.

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