DJ Stingray Just Released a New EP, ‘Purge’

The record includes both new tracks and reissued cuts.

by Krystal Rodriguez
Oct 31 2016, 3:32pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

Balaclava-covered producer and Detroit veteran DJ Stingray released his latest EP today, Purge. It marks his return to Lorenzo Senni's Presto!? label after debuting there in 2012 with Psyops for Dummies, which was released via a limited series of USB devices. Spanning six tracks, Purge is a reissue of Stingray's previous release with an additional two new tracks, all of which provide dark and devastating takes on his electro sound.

Alongside the EP news, Stingray has shared one of its tracks, a swirling but stern new cut called "Hypolagesia." Listen to it below.