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The Adana Twins Declared Their Musical Brotherhood Over Lunch

Pushing the Hamberg house scene forward one dance floor at a time.

by Julia Martineau
Mar 4 2015, 6:35pm

With their fun yet refined sound, German dance duo Adana Twins have topped music charts worldwide since their club hits "Everyday" and "Strange" were released via Exploited in 2012.

The two aren't twins by blood, but by musical affinity. Their moniker came to fruition back in 2006 while dining at a Turkish restaurant. "We were about to play our first show and needed an alias. While having lunch, we ordered Adana Kebpap. When they arrived they looked similar [but] with small differences, just like twins. We look a little like brothers and share a passion for music, so that's how we came up with the name," says Friso.

The inception of their relationship with Exploited Records was completely natural. "We were playing just for fun. We didn't send a demo to Exploited, but were included on a sampler of our booking agency Jackmode. It was the 'Juicy Fruit' bootleg with Doctor Dru, which ended up being quite successful. Shir Khan, Exploited's label boss, liked it so much that he wanted to release it and that's how we got our first contract," says Take it Easy.

The pair are fresh off the February debut of their latest offering "Bleeding" featuring Human Life - a dance floor heavy hitter with an intricate synth line. They decided to work with LA-based Human Life after remixing "El Diablo", the vocalist's collaborative track with Anabel Englund. "Human Life is a great guy. We really liked his voice when we did the remix, but to be honest, we didn't use it all that much. We felt we needed to do something more with him, so we got in contact".

The twins like to have fun with their audience and consistently play shows that are all about good vibes on the dance floor. They've also worked hard to push the Hamburg house music scene forward. "It's a bit smaller in comparison to Berlin's, but we've got a great thing going," says Friso.

Influences of hip-hop, funk, and techno are evident in their sound, and they would prefer to avoid the "deep house" label. "A lot of music is referred to as deep house these days, even the more mainstream tracks. We enjoy playing all kinds of music, not just one single genre. The popularization of deep house has introduced a lot of young kids to electronic music though, which is definitely a positive thing."

The two have a hectic year ahead, which includes touring, remix releases, and all night sets. "We're going to WMC and we've also got some upcoming releases and will play some longer sets. In April, we're going to the US for a tour, which we're really looking forward to. We may also go to Australia. Generally, in the winter, we like to go to the outside of the earth where it's warmer!"

Stay warm guys, and keep the music hot.

Adana Twins are on Twitter // SoundCloud // Facebook