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Pirates Hit Jake Arrieta, Benches Clear, Sean Rodriguez Loses His Shit

Tempers flared in Pittsburgh and Sean Rodriguez went real crazy.

by Sean Newell
Oct 8 2015, 1:43pm

Jake Arrieta has hit two Pittsburgh batters in an otherwise dominating performance as the Cubs lead the Pirates 4-0 in the eighth inning of their one game Wild Card playoff. In the seventh inning, Chicago's Tony Watson hit Arrieta on the ass—likely in retaliation for the hit batsmen—and Arrieta was unhappy with that. So the benches cleared, the bullpens emptied, and everyone jumped around pushing each other as they do in these things.

Sean Rodriguez, who started the game and then was pinch hit for by Pedro Alvarez before even getting an at-bat, was particularly fired up and had to be restrained by several Pirates coaches and teammates. When he got back into the dugout, he tried boxing a Gatorade cooler.

As it turns out, that was not the first time Rodriguez tried throwing a few punches. Shortly after everything was sorted out, TBS cameras caught Rodriguez trying to throw a punch in the scrum.

Rodriguez also had someone choice words for someone in the Cubs dugout, saying "I'm gonna fucking kill you," which is nice.

Rodriguez was ejected, and the Pirates still trail 4-0.


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