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This Interview Between Desiigner and Nardwuar Is An Unstoppable Force Colliding With An Immovable Object

What have we done to deserve something this good?

by Sarah MacDonald
Mar 20 2017, 3:07pm

What happens when the pure joy of Nardwuar meets the enthusiasm of Desiigner? You get a euphoric, beautiful interview. It's like a blazing hot sunshine on the first day of spring as the two brighten the room (not unlike an "Outlet" *wink wink*) candor, grace, and yelling. Throughout the interview with the rapper, Nardwuar gives him an original 1963 pressing of Guitar Crusher, talks about the "Panda" beat, his early days starting out as a rapper. Though not before Desiigner prematurely busts out a "doot-doola-dootdo" with Nardwuar basically saying "not yet, my child." What a gem, these two.

Watch the whole interview below:

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