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Brampton's Van Hill Is "Rollin'" His Way to Stardom with New Song

No, this has nothing to do with Limp Bizkit.

by Phil Witmer
Mar 7 2017, 3:15pm

As an expression of confident coasting, to be "rolling" is to be at the height of swagger. Brampton rapper Van Hill gets this and best exemplifies the mindset in his new single "Rollin'." "No wallet on me, this rubber band makes the band stronger / it's like band practice," raps Hill over GHD and shivvy B's bouncy, shapeshifting beat.

"I feel like this record is a testimony of what I'm on right now, I feel like people don't understand or maybe unconcerned about it," says Van Hill. "I mean, they could be faking the funk about it but whatever, that's none of my business. A lot more will be on its way, including my upcoming mixtape Amsterdam Motor Show. This year feels magical for some reason, maybe it's the weed." Listen to "Rollin'" below.

Phil is a Noisey Canada staff writer. He's on Twitter.