Trump Tower Vancouver Falsely Claimed It Was 69 Storeys Tall—Actually Only 63


by Jake Kivanc
Feb 28 2017, 10:35pm

The Trump International Hotel & Tower, which opened today in Vancouver, has already caused quite an uproar over its namesake, but it appears the most heinous insult has arrived in the claim of how high the tower actually is.

According to the CBC, the tower—which was described by the Trump brand on Twitter as being 69 storeys tall—is actually, wait for it, only 63 storeys tall.

"Tomorrow marks the official grand opening of @TrumpVancouver The 69-story tower will be the first property to open in the city in over 6 yrs," the now-deleted @Trump account tweet read.

Both the original developers of the building and a Vancouver city planner confirmed to the CBC that the tower is indeed 63 storeys, which the latter mocked as a petty mistake.

"Only in the Trump era can you have a debate about how many floors there are," said former Vancouver city planner Brent Toderian.


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