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Listen to a Typically Trippy New Aphex Twin Song, ‘tnodvood104’

Richard D. James has cryptically shared the track via Soundcloud.

by Lauren O'Neill
Dec 28 2016, 3:51pm

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

Having announced a number of festival dates—including London's very own Field Day—for summer 2017, it really is about time we heard some new music from the biggest name under "Ambient" in your iTunes, Aphex Twin.

Luckily enough, that hankering was satisfied on Christmas Day, with a new track titled "tnodvood104" dropped via Richard D. James' user18081971 Soundcloud page. Whether this trippy, hazy new offering is significant of things to come in 2017 is as yet unknown (the most recent official Aphex Twin release was the Cheetah EP this July, and the last album, Syro, came back in 2014) but for now it's an ideal antidote if you've overdone it on the East 17 and Slade this festive season: detox your mind on the sparse, gentle tones of 'tnoodvod104'.

Listen below:

(Image via Soundcloud)