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The Weeknd Performed “Starboy” at the EMAs in a Cool... Space Dome... Thing

Trippy, man.

by Lauren O'Neill
Nov 7 2016, 3:07pm

The Weeknd, perennial fave of those girls at the club who spill their drinks on you while Snapchatting themselves lip-syncing to "Hotline Bling", stopped by MTV's European Music Awards yesterday to give a pretty literal performance of the Daft Punk-featuring lead track from his new album.

Whilst it's not the first time "Starboy" has set out on a live outing, it was probably Abel Tesfaye's most visually memorable performance to date. This is mostly because it featured something I have decided to refer to as a 'cool space dome,' which cocooned him, showing projected visuals of constellations and shit (because the song is called "Starboy," you see) before lifting up to reveal him to his public.

It probably looked way better on TV than it did at the actual ceremony, but it was a typically slick and stylish performance from Tesfaye, who also picked up the Video Of The Year award for "Starboy"'s mildly traumatising, Nicolas Winding Refn-esque music video. Watch the performance and the music video below:

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(Lead image via MTV on Twitter​.)

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