This Vancouver Man Created a Non-Profit With the Mission of Getting Women to Model in His Van

It's astounding he hasn't yet been nominated for a BC Community Achievement Award.

by Elianna Lev
May 22 2015, 6:56pm

The Wham Bam Babes in action. Photos provided by Justin Credible

Let's address a serious issue: It seems as though, for some women, taking sexy photos in the bathroom mirror is turning into a redundant trend. Those who are eager to flaunt their ass(ets?) appear to be yearning for something and somewhere more unconventional to capture tantalizing moments that will garner them a flurry of likes on various social networks. And it appears to be turning into a dire situation.

But take heart! To help remedy this grave circumstance, a Vancouver man who goes by the name Justin Credible founded a charitable venture to provide aid to those in need. It's called the Wham Bam Babes.

"We're a local non-profit Suicide Girls that flips the finger at other modeling agencies," the 34-year-old explained. "Anyone can be a Wham Bam Babe, you just have to get in the van and show it off to the world."

A few things of note. First, yes, this initiative is technically a non-profit, but not in the same realm as, say, Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross. Second, the van he refers to is the "wham bambulance," a refurbished, tricked-out motorhome complete with a shower, fireplace, and TV. The interior also has a bed covered in chenille animal-print sheets, and chains hanging from the ceiling. Although it's not technically an ambulance, it is equipped with a siren, should things get out of control...which they do!!!! (Credible did use a retired ambulance for some time, which he also customized.)

The cozy setting also serves as the set for the photo shoots, which Credible conducts himself. Often, but not always, he'll post the results on his website along with a bio of the participant.

Credible started his charitable enterprise five years ago, as "a way to get hot chicks in the back of my van." It was also a way to include women who might not fit the standards to model for typical outlets. Given all the tireless work he's put toward those eager to validate their confidence—and heavily modified bodies—it's astounding he hasn't yet been nominated for a BC Community Achievement Award.

Credible admits to putting more money into Wham Bam Babes than he's gotten out, but he's not bothered. He's made friends and has had more fun than he's ever imagined possible.

Women reach out to Credible through his website. Most of them are from Vancouver, though some have come from as far away as Seattle and Alberta. Once a time is scheduled, he'll meet them at an arranged location, park the vehicle and encourage them to (according to his website) #getinthefuckingvan. The women call the shots and walk away with a set of 20-40 photos they can use however they'd like. Nothing is photoshopped or altered.

"We don't have any rules," he says. "The girls are free to wear what they want, do what they want, or as little as they want. They come in and show off."

All those involved also receive a pair of booty shorts, which Credible calls "their mark."

When asked if the wham bambulance has ever followed in the tire tracks of the Bang Bus, Credible laughs.

"I'd be totally lying to you if I said that didn't happen from time to time, but that's completely their call and not mine," he says. "We've done it all."

He quickly follows up with the disclaimer that the van isn't used as a space for solicited or soliciting intercourse, just that sometimes things get wild. Hear that sound? That's the sound of the alarm!

"We like to go to the edge, but nothing that would scare away sponsors," he says.

Bobbi Mcdonald works as a manager at a children's store, but also proudly identifies as a Wham Bam Babe. She got involved after a friend who followed them on Facebook alerted her about a post looking for the perfect ass to go into their customized booty shorts. Her friend sent Credible photos of Mcdonald and a week later she had her first photo shoot.

"I've always had low self confidence, so when they mentioned they wanted me to model for them, I felt good," she says. "I had to do a bunch of shots before my first shoot but when I met Justin, I felt comfortable. I just loved doing it."

That was a year ago, and she's since gone on to do four more photo shoots and take part in a few promotional gigs like the Taboo Sex Show and the Pride Parade. She's also managed to get some other modelling gigs as a result.

Mcdonald identifies as one of the "calmer" Wham Bam Babes, and always keeps her pants on for shoots.

Although the promotional gigs aren't paid, Mcdonald says it doesn't matter because she feels rich on good times.

"When we did the Pride Parade, it was the most fun I've ever had in my entire life," she says. "You almost felt famous. People were screaming and reaching out to touch you."

As for the future of the whamming and the bamming, Credible, who works a day job in sales for the wireless industry, says he hopes the van will be involved in more campaigning.

"I see more companies or bands use our girls for promotional events," he says. "All our girls are outgoing, which makes a good promo team."

So you all know what that means? The opportunity to make your mark in those booty shorts isn't going to end any time soon.

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