Bill Paxton is the Most Menacing Cop in the World in the Trailer for 'Mean Dreams'

The all-American dad goes full psycho.

Mean Dreams
We're so used to seeing Bill Paxton as an all-American dad or a patriot willing to sacrifice it all for the good of humanity that it's genuinely hard watching him fully embody a menacing sheriff in this new film. Directed by Canadian Nathan Morlando, this incredibly tense rural thriller has a sharp devastation as we watch two troubled teens on the lam from corrupt cops. Morlando is a Canadian talent to watch.

The Bad Batch
The latest from Ana Lily Amanpour ( A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night), The Bad Batch (co-produced by Anapurna and VICE )  is a post-apocalyptic cannibal thriller set in the heart of Texas. Starring Jason Momoa, Suki Waterhouse and Keanu Reeves, Bad Batch looks like an acid-washed Mad Max. Is anyone more deserving of a comeback than Keanu Reeves? I mean, it's not like he ever really went away but with the John Wick movies quickly turning into a major franchise, Reeves seems to have embraced his uh, stoicism let's say and gone full Matrix and I am extremely here for it.

I'll admit to being wary of this Canadian co-pro directed by Nacho Vigalondo ( Timecrimes) at first but this trailer is honestly delightful. Anne Hathaway has proven herself to be adept at playing a woman in recovery (I still cry every time I watch Rachel Getting Married) and embracing her darker side makes her infinitely more likeable. In this fantastical story about an alcoholic who has somehow conjured a Godzilla-like monster, Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis find a way to bring lightness, humanity and joy to a monster movie.

The House
Relatively fresh writer/director Andrew Jay Cohen isbreathing new life into the kind of loud, slapstick style that made Meatballs a cult hit. He managed to refresh the frat house comedy with Neighbours and he's making Will Ferrell funny again with his latest, The House. I expected to be disappointed in this trailer (Have you seen Sisters? It was not good) but Ferrell, Amy Poehler and Jason Mantzoukas seem to be on their game in this film about a 40-something couple who start running an illegal casino in their suburban house to pay for their daughter's college education.

The Devil's Candy
Wait so it's a horror movie about a graffiti writer who is just too committed to his craft? Personally I don't find movies about "the devil" all that scary. Why does the devil care so much about this Banksy forger? Why is the devil making you paint these awful paintings instead of doing some real devil shit? You know what's genuinely scary? Student loan repayments. Why doesn't someone make a movie about that?

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