Russia Scores Opening Goal of the Confederations Cup

Three people ended up in New Zealand's net, but however it's got to go in, right?

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Jun 17 2017, 6:56pm

I know chance had a hand in things, but it was probably a good idea to pit Russia against New Zealand for the opening game of the Confederations Cup. That is, if you want to see the hosts actually do something impressive.

Today, the Confed Cup kicked off in what is basically a one-team-per-continent warmup for the World Cup (it's just a year away, people) and the two lightweights went head to head. Russia, ranked No. 63 in the world, had been collapsing the defense of New Zealand, No. 95, for a minute and eventually sprung a run from Denis Glushakov. He chipped the keeper and was able to slide in to coerce the ball into the back of the net.

Good thing he went for it. New Zealand was hot on his heels and barreled into the back of the goal. Throwing people into the net is a goal too, huh? In Mother Russia, goals score YOU!