Ontario Cop Shoots Other Cop After Argument

Police haven’t confirmed what the argument, which resulted in one of their officers shooting another, was about.

by Mack Lamoureux
Nov 30 2018, 6:58pm

Photo via Pexels.

An Ontario cop was shot multiple times by a fellow police officer after an argument between the two became violent.

The Ontario Special Investigative Unit is investigating the shooting of the Niagara Regional Police officer. The incident happened earlier this week in a location just southwest of St. Catharines. In a press release, the SIU wrote that “Niagara Regional Police Service officers were in the area of Effingham Street and Roland Road to investigate a collision that had occurred days prior.”

“Around noon, two of the officers became involved in an altercation,” reads the report. “One officer discharged his firearm multiple times, and the other officer was struck. The officer who was struck was transported to hospital where he is in stable condition.”

While the nature of the argument that caused the shooting is unknown it was evidently heated.

The St. Catharines Standard reported that while the SIU hasn’t made the shot cop’s identity public they were told by multiple sources it was Const. Nathan Parker and he were shot five times. The paper further identified the shooter as Det. Sgt. Shane Donovan who was with the traffic collision reconstruction unit.

The paper also points out that Parker has a lengthy history of facing disciplinary hearings as the result of his actions. These include arresting a cyclist without cause, pepper-spraying a handcuffed prisoner, and using unnecessary use of force against a prisoner.

Parker is reportedly in stable condition after being airlifted to Hamilton hospital following the shooting.

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