Ice Cube Responds to Creepy-Ass Trump Propaganda With ‘Fallon’ Monologue Bit

“Let me guess—his ass went golfing."

Aug 4 2017, 4:22pm

Jimmy Fallon, that rare case of an ill-trained puppy blaming everything on the baby and getting away with it, isn't very good at mocking aspiring dictator and sausage-armed nepotist Donald Trump. From the moment that he ruffled Trump's hair last year it was clear that Fallon's position was that of a man hedging his bets. "Hey, guys, have you noticed how Donald Trump, you know, he says 'yuge' a lot? Yeah, that's pretty funny, huh." There. There is an entire Fallon monologue.

This desire to hedge his bets politically doesn't mean that The Tonight Show is worthless—Slayer turned up last week, for starters—but it does mean that the show's host occasionally needs help to dig at Trump. So, in response to the barefaced propaganda show that Trump's daughter-in-law, Laura Trump, started this week, Ice Cube was drafted in for a brief response video. When Trump offers viewers an insight into the president's week, Cube responds: "Let me guess—his ass went golfing." When Laura Trump talks about the president giving up his salary: "No shit, because he don't wanna pay his taxes. And on the new that there are new jobs: "Because he keeps fucking firing people."

It's still pretty tame, especially by Ice Cube's standards, but I guess it's something. You can watch the whole thing at the top of the page—the rapper turns up about two minutes into Fallon's monologue.

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