Braves Organist Trolls Bryce Harper with 'Go Cubs Go,' 'New York, New York'

The SunTrust Park organist Matthew Kaminski is pulling some pro-level trolls on the Washington Nationals right fielder.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Apr 4 2018, 9:55pm

Photo by Jasen Vinlove—USA TODAY Sports

Any good filmmaker will tell you that the score of a film can change the whole tenor of a movie. That's by no means lost on the organist at the Atlanta Braves's SunTrust Park, Matthew Kaminski. And the man is using his powers for pure, unadulterated trollery.

On Monday, Kaminski treated Harper like a Sith, belting out a version of "The Imperial March" from Star Wars to, uh, arguable effect:

Then, on Tuesday, Kaminski welcomed Harper with the Wicked Witch of the West's theme song from The Wizard of Oz—but had a couple of other tricks up his sleeves that might hit a little closer to home than a space fight epic and a Kansas-based fantasy. He wanted to go for blood.

Both yesterday and in his second at-bat today, Kaminski hit the pending free agent with "Go Cubs Go," which Chicago plays after every Cubs win.

A nice little nod to Harper and his Nationals bowing out of the NLDS in Game 5 last year—not to mention that the Cubs are considered one of the few teams vying for Harper's services when (if?) he hits free agency after the season. A nice little two-birds, one-stone bit of trolling.

Kaminski switched it up a little for Harper's first at-bat today, however, when he went with "New York, New York," which the New York Yankees—another suitor when free agency hits—play whenever they put a W in the column themselves:

This would all seem a little more innocent had he just come up with those trolls on the spur of the moment:

But now that we know that Kaminski is premeditating his trolls, it just feels a tad bit criminal.

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