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Pegboard Nerds “Pink Cloud” EP is Tackling Breast Cancer, One Wobble at a Time

The dance music dorks have teamed up with Fuck Cancer.

by Rebecca Krauss
Oct 21 2015, 4:10pm

In 2015 it's estimated that 25,000 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, the likelihood of death decreases when the illness is detected and treated early on. Norwegian dubstep duo Pegboard Nerds is using their latest EP, Pink Cloud, out on Canadian label Monstercat to spread awareness on this important issue. The album is structured upon themes of hope, optimism, and togetherness. All sales will be donated to the non-profit organization Fuck Cancer. Recently, THUMP spoke to the dance music dorks about they hope their recent endeavour will catalyze authentic positive change—within the dance music community, and beyond.

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THUMP: What inspired you to bridge breast cancer awareness with an EP release?
Pegboard Nerds:We made these songs that we thought were really special, and we wanted to use them as an avenue to give back. Charitable efforts are something that are really important to us. We were inspired to use the EP to support breast cancer initiatives because the disease affects so many people worldwide.

We both grew up loving video games and comics and we love the idea of creating a new world for our fans that they can really dive into. What's unique about this project is we not only we have the opportunity to support the cause by donating our EP sales and merchandise, we also get to create a unique world surrounding the campaign that lets people explore, interact, and ultimately support the fight against the disease in new ways.

When you originally produced the Pink Cloud EP, was your intention to spread breast cancer awareness? Or, did the artwork and title change when you became involved with Fuck Cancer?
When Max Collins recorded "Pink Cloud", we knew it had big potential and that all of this could be more than a typical release. We have always wanted to make an impact on cancer initiatives, specifically breast cancer, and we thought this would be a great fit and time to do it.

How do the songs on the album relate to the campaign?
"Pink Cloud" is all about not letting people put you down, keeping your head up, and fighting through anything. "Just Like That" encourages people to chase after their dreams. The other songs have messages about encouraging people to be themselves, believing in their abilities, and understanding that we are on the cusp of making a significant change together.

There are presently so many worthwhile causes to contribute to. Why breast cancer research?
In our personal lives, we've known a lot of people who have been affected by breast cancer. Just a few months ago, a person on our management team found out that one of his close friends was diagnosed with breast cancer, which sparked the idea. Luckily, they found out early and have been able to attack it head on, but that's not the case for everybody.

How did you link up with Fuck Cancer?
They have an amazing network in the music industry and it made perfect sense for us to partner. They don't sugarcoat the issue. An emphasis of our campaign is to let young people interact and support the fight against breast cancer in ways that are new and appealing to them. Fuck Cancer was totally on board with that.

Why is dance music a good vehicle for advocating charity?
For us, it's truly about joining people together for a greater cause. Dance music fans, specifically, advocate for a loving and supportive environment. They are the best fans in the world, and actually want to give back. That is extremely inspiring.

Check out the album, merch, and donate at Pegboard Nerd's official website.

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