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Listen to Nik Void Mutate Nicolas Godin's Instrumental Compositions into Industrial Dance

The Factory Floor member remixed two of the Air co-founder's recent solo compositions into one extended track.

by Michael Scott Barron
Apr 22 2016, 6:50pm

Photo courtesy of the artist's twitter

Air co-founder Nicolas Godin will release Contrepoint, his debut solo album tomorrow. Though the album is by nature acoustic and instrumental, he's tapped Factory Floor's Nik Void to provide a delightfully unexpected and unorthodox industrial dance remix.

Rather than tackle one track, in "Bach Off / Elfe Man" Void teases out and samples material from Contrepoints two previously released singles, deconstructing Godin's compositions into a sparse dance beat, yet maintaining their delicate sounds and aesthetics. By adding a swirl of cascading synth bars, Void creates a track entirely independent from Godin's originals while gracefully tipping her hat to it.

"Growing up listening to Sexy Boy and Virgin Suicides," Void said to THUMP via email, "I guess my relationship with this remix would be the same if I met Nico Godin in person—stuttery, out of my depth naive but enthusiastic like a playful puppy. I took the bongo rhythm from 'Bach Off' and converted it into MIDI to trigger the rowdy 909 claps. I cut up vocals samples from 'Elfe Man,' then synced in with my abstract synth line [I'd] left hanging from teasing`the CV input. Really REALLY enjoyed this one!"

Listen to it below. Contrepoint is out April 22 with Because Records.

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