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Pleasurekraft's New Choon "One Last High" Will Have You Lifted All Weekend

You don't need drugs, but you do need this.
October 3, 2014, 6:21pm

There are many truths to life, one of which is: If you make a tune with a sample from The Wire—the greatest fucking TV show ever made—I will more than likely post it. Pleasurekraft obviously has got the memo, and for the first original release of the year as part of their new compilation (on Kraftek) The Garden Of Earthly Delights, they bring on Jaceo and Vedic to sample one of the show's greatest scenes in which loveable addict Walon makes a speech at a local NA meeting about just how hard it is to get oneself off "the stuff."

"One Last High" brilliantly pairs rolling techno sensibilities with snippits from Walon's speech and all together provides the listener with a unique and fully encapuslating experience. Take Walon's advice, stay positive, don't mess around with bad shit, and of course—keep it sexy. (I added that last bit).

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