Roger Goodell

NFL Twitter Account Hacked, Announces Roger Goodell's Death

The NFL's Twitter account got hacked, Roger Goodell is not really dead.

by Sean Newell
Jun 7 2016, 5:27pm

Earlier today, someone hacked the NFL's Twitter account and fired off a couple of tweets announcing Roger Goodell's death. It was quickly confirmed to be a hack and that Roger Goodell was in fact alive and busy working to keep Tom Brady from ever setting foot on a football field again. The tweets were quickly deleted and the hackers were eventually locked out of the account.

It's a weird choice of news to break if you're going to hack the NFL's account and, obviously, everyone's first suspicion was that it's an aggrieved Patriots fan. There is a group of Twitter folks taking credit for it, and it looks like more of a publicity stunt than salty New Englanders, but maybe get a little bit more creative next time. Maybe say something about how CTE is a legitimate disease and the NFL is voluntarily ripping up it's bogus concussion settlement. Faking a death is about as imaginative as the NFL's likely password for the account, which is obviously "Fo0tbaIl!"