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Fan Gets Hit in Balls on Home Run Ball

A fan almost had a chance to catch a home run ball during Netherlands-Cuba in the WBC. He got hit in the dick instead.

by Patrick Sauer
Mar 15 2017, 7:02pm

Yesterday, the Netherlands Yurendell de Caster mashed an absolute tater, which in turn mashed this dude's carrot and Brussels sprouts.

One lucky fan took home a WBC souvenir in the Netherlands-Cuba matchup in Japan yesterday, and a much unluckier fan took home a shot right in the old breadbasket. Some poor bastard in the Tokyo Dome cheap seats suffered the painful indignity of taking a line drive to the dick, then hoping around in pain as some scruffy-ass white dude in a throwback Brewers tee looked on in amusement. The folks at Deadspin tracked down another angle that shows more of the carnage:

Please, let's hope that the kindly spectator who ended up with the ricocheted tater gave it to our lonely hero with the bruised peaches. Otherwise, there is no joy in Pudville. Screaming face-y got knocked out.

h/t Reddit

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