Emma Lokai Has the Summer's Over Sadness on "Too Hard to Lose"

Love is suss.

Aug 18 2016, 2:54pm

Photo by Shane Stirling/The Co.

Love is unduly complicated; heartache is a feeling we try so hard to avoid, at any cost possible, yet it is imminent. The entire endeavour is ultimately weird and yet we keep doing it. With that, Mississauga chanteuse and songwriter Emma Lokai gives us a unique view of heartache through a very traditional medium: the sad ballad. On “Too Hard to Lose”, the pop R&B track, Lokai sings deeply and mournfully over a simple piano intro before the song—and story—kicks into gear. Lokai weaves a complex narrative of a love that was doomed from the start; her aching sounding vocals perfectly embody the unwavering hurt of a heartbreak.

Listen to the track below:

Noisey: What was the inspiration for the song?
Emma Lokai:
The song is about falling in love with an older man. I was too young, he was too old, we were too reckless.

It’s a melodic, heart-wrenching track and brutally sad sounding. So, which sad songs and songwriters are your favourite?
Being a teenage songwriter at the time, my inspirations were always much older than me…kinda like falling in love with this older man. I’ve always been inspired by heartfelt songwriters and singers. Artists like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, and Tracey Chapman. These are voices that have stirred my soul.

You’re brand new; starting right out with this solo project. Who inspires your sound?
Seal has been one of my favourites—like forever. Also, Alicia Keys and The Weeknd: it feels like we're kindred spirits.

What do you find hard to lose?
The comfort of love and that anyone can leave at any time. It’s very easy to succumb to love - especially if they’re your first.

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