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The Issue That Cares

Peruvian Hairless Dogs

by Ellis Jones
Sep 26 2011, 4:00am

Just like other breeds, hairless puppies look 100 percent adorable whatever they do: yawning, napping, scampering around, climbing on stuff, shoving their faces into water bowls three sizes too big for them… pretty much anything besides pooping. There’s an extraspecial club, Chacla’s Camp, in Lima, Peru, just for the naked pups. We recently visited and were instantly smitten with the young doggies when we saw the club’s owner, Alfredo, lotionin’ up his pups (they have dry, sensitive skin—because they’re hairless, duh!) for a day of sunbathing. They’re also known as Peruvian Inca Orchids, and their skin can be a variety of pleasant colors: elephant gray, copper, chocolate brown, mottled with pink spots. The combinations of cute are endless. And due to the sensitivity of their dark eyes, these baldies tend to squint in the sunlight. Imagine how darling they’d be wearing sunglasses and Croakies around their necks!

Watch a brand-new episode of The Cute Show! featuring these precious hairless pooches later this month.

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