Markelle Fultz Finally Found His Shooting Form

Sure, it's a full-court, behind-the-back shot. But whatever works, amirite?

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Jan 29 2018, 3:33pm

Screen capture via Twitter/@JCameratoNBCS

It's hard to tell what a player's shooting sweet spot is going to be. For Kyrie, it's the step-back, for Chris Paul, it's the floater. DeMar de Rozan is the king of the mid-range. For Philadelphia 76ers guard Markelle Fultz, though, it's apparently the full-court, behind-the-back shot.

Fultz, whom Philly traded up for to select with the No. 1 draft pick in 2017, has been dealing with a shoulder injury that has kept him out of all but four games this season. No one really seems to know what is going on, but one thing is certain: his once pretty shooting form turned wretched, seemingly overnight. It feels like there is new video posted every day showing his ghastly, lurching jump shot. So why's he at practice pulling this kind of shit? Trying something new?

It might not be the most efficient shot, time-wise, but at least it works.

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