Chromatics Release Another New 'Dear Tommy' Single, "Blue Girl"

According to Italians Do It Better's updating tracklist, the band's long-awaited fifth record will include 21 songs. It's still due out this fall.

Jun 12 2018, 2:07pm

Italians Do It Better have a running tracklist for Dear Tommy, the mysterious and long-awaited fifth album from synth idols Chromatics. The 21-song album, due out this fall, will supposedly feature two unheard-but-already-announced songs in "Fresh Blood" and "Endless Sleep," as well as three recent singles in "Black Walls," "Dear Tommy," and "Shadow." This morning, another song was added to the list: "Blue Girl." It arrived on streaming services first thing this morning, and you can listen to it below.

It's dimly lit, as melancholy and smokey as you'd expect from a song with Ruth Radelet's vocals and Johnny Jewel's synth hooks. The neon romance is pushed even further to the front this time though. "Blue girl / There's nothing wrong / There's somewhere I know we belong / But it's not this town," Radelet sings unembellished, a guitar rattling underneath.

The Italians Do It Better website is using the same artwork that Chromatics used four years ago to announce Dear Tommy. Given the amount of revisions and recalls this album's been through already, that's a feat in itself.

Listen to "Blue Girl" (and its four remixes) below. Hopefully Jewel doesn't decide to burn every existing copy of Dear Tommy this time around.

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