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Torres Brings Domestic Melancholy to Her New Video for "Skim"

The track marks her first new music since her 2015 album 'Sprinter.'

by Lauren O'Neill
Jun 6 2017, 3:00pm

It's been a long minute since last we heard from Mackenzie Scott under her musical moniker Torres. Today, thankfully, she breaks her silence with "Skim"—her first new track since her 2015 album Sprinter—and its accompanying music video.

"Skim" is a rhythmic march that also somehow manages to sound like Hole if they were an indie band, and the video—directed by Ashley Connor, whose other credits include Mitski's "Best American Girl" (with which this clip for "Skim" shares some similarities) and Angel Olson's "Shut Up Kiss Me"—is just as much of a strange trip as the song itself. It pictures Scott alternately serving domestic melancholy chic in a house that looks like it's a secondary set for Twin Peaks, playing guitar in the bathtub, and staring down the camera so unflinchingly you'll almost definitely want to look away before she does. This is to say, it's very dope.

"Skim" also comes with the added caveat that Torres has now signed with 4AD, meaning that a second album will hopefully arrive soon.

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(Image by Ashley Connor)

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