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Twist's New Video "Calendar Girls" Is A Bleak Flow Chart of Being Single at a Party

Remember when you'd meet someone in real life though?

by Sarah MacDonald
Mar 14 2017, 3:30pm

Photo by Caitlin McLafferty

There is a trajectory every party that you go to follows if you're single. It starts with a conversation between buds, something familiar; then you might catch the eye of someone cute and—if you're a Torontonian—stare at them on and off until almost the end of the night, playing emotional chicken; eventually you'll end up having to talk for a bit before getting some disappointing smooches to take home as memorial keepsakes. Repeat as follows but this is essentially what you experience as a teen and absolutely well into your 20s.

In their new video for "Calendar Girls", Toronto rock band Twist manage to capture the ups and downs of trying to connect perfectly—almost too perfectly. Twist are the band playing at a typical house party filled some typically hip West End people; soundtracking skin-tingling makeout sessions, dull conversations or hilarious moments, like one girl zoning out on a hand-me-down couch from someone's rec room while some dude talks down to her with the text underneath that reads "I'm not listening." Same, girl, same. Lead singer Laura Hermiston's trilling whoops and fuzzed out guitar perfectly matched this sharp narrative that remembers what it is like being awkward and in lust. 

"In the video we use "Calendar Girls" to soundtrack to a high school house, and we tried to catalog the moments, both banal and memorable that make up that kind of drunken night," says Hermiston "The directors, 'brittandjacq' (Brittany Lucas and Jacq Andrade), were aiming to create a series of short, simple narratives, that explore adolescent anxieties and insecurities and hopefully evoke nostalgia for those times."

Watch the video below and see where you can catch Twist on tour:

Tour Dates
03/14 - Dallas, TX - The Crown and Harp
03/15 - SXSW - Bungalow w/ Weaves, Jimmy Eat World
03/17 - SXSW - Swan Dive - Canada House
03/20 - Denton, TX - The Lion's Den
03/21 - Hot Springs, AR - Valley of Vapour Fest
03/22 - Nashville -

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