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Here Are the 10 Artists You Can't Miss at EDC NY 2014

From Arty, to Brodinski, to Oliver Heldens, these are the sets you gotta see.

by David Garber
May 20 2015, 8:51pm

Being a younger brother ain't easy. This is especially true when your name is EDC New York and your older bro is EDC Las Vegas, one of the biggest music festivals in the entire universe. Still, as the Eli Mannings, Kylie Jenners, Jake Gyllenhalls, and Solanges of history have shown us, younger sibs can still do some amazing things. On May 23 and May 24, Sin City's younger sib again returns to the east coast. Posted up at the MetLife stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, a mere 20 minutes from Manhattan, EDC has a knack for balls-to-the-wall programming, and of course, all the visual grandeur that we have come to expect from Insomniac.

Like any multi-day festival, navigating your way through its jam-packed lineup isn't easy. We've pulled out some highlights to program into your EDC app as "MUST SEE." Here are some of the DJs you simply cannot miss at this year's EDC NY edition.

Art Department
neonGARDEN | Saturday, 3:15-4:30PM

Regardless of the fact that Art Department are some of the most revered underground DJ duos in recent times, their set at EDC NY will be one of their last. Yes that's right, the duo of Johnny White and Kenny Glasgow soon will be parting ways. Before they do however, they'll be wrapping up their scheduled list of festival appearances, one of them being EDC. Go for the trippy blend of house and techno, or go for the Instagram. Either way, go.

kineticFIELD | Saturday, 3:00-4:00 PM

Russian-born, LA-based, big-room mainstay, Arty, has an a much-anticipated artist album on the way, and it happens to be coming out on Insomniac's newly minted record label, in which the artist one was of the first two signings. The other one was ironically, Destructo AKA HARD founder Gary Richards, who is currently amidst a legal dispute with Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella. Festival-showdowns aside, Arty's set should be a stellar chance for the DJ to showcase some of his new album music, something that's always a wise idea when figuring out what singles to release, what to play out at a later date, and yeah—if your album is actually going to get bought.

Route 94
cosmicMEADOW | Saturday, 3:30-5:00PM

There's a lot more to the London DJ and producer Route 94 than his 2014 No. 1 UK collab with Jess Glynne, "My Love." Since the track release last year, the guy has gone one to be a regular on the global party circuit, playing festivals across the globe and partying with Skream, which most people know, is no easy feat. Be sure to check out his deep blend of underground sounds on day one of the fest.

Martin Solveig
circuitGROUNDS | Saturday, 4:00-5:00PM

To be frank, Martin Solveig's career as of late has been a bit windy. Everyone remembers his 2011 global smash "Hello," and it's probably still stuck in your head in one way or another. With a new album on the way, Solveig's EDC NY appearance is a chance for him to play some of the darker, edgier stuff that's been promised in his upcoming album. At the same time, the artist has been quoted saying that why he needs to move on from his "Hello" pop-centric sound, he's not ready to fully give it up. A little confusing, Martin? Either way it should make for an interesting comeback, or quite possibly, a total trainwreck. Only one way to find there.

Jack Beats
circuitGROUNDS | Saturday, 5:00PM-6:00PM

We love Jack Beats. Not only do they throw down some of the bassiest and wonkiest house tunes around, they also play a ton of other stuff in their sets and will easily catch you off guard. From techno, to house, and full-on lighters-up grime, they'll keep you on their toes. Just take a listen to the MIXED BY they crafted together for us above, it's totally bangin'.

Seven Lions
cosmicMEADOW | Saturday, 6:30-7:30

Hailing from Santa Barbara, Jeff Montalvo, AKA Seven Lions, is probably one of the only artists to successfully fuse big-room house, trance, and bass music. He's also probably one of the sole producers to have released both on Anjunabeats and OWSLA. It should go without saying that a Seven Lions set is a diverse one, that flips switches between an assortment of different vibes. Too many times these days, DJs play sets that don't dare to expand the barriers of a specific genre. Not Seven Lions. And that's why you should get yourself to his set.

circuitGROUNDS | Saturday, 7:00-8:00PM

We know what you're thinking, but hold up. If you read our Ultra 2015 recap, you'll know that the Yousaf sisters' live set was a bit of a trainwreck, and also one surrounded by a lot of controversy and finger pointing (ahem, Deadmau5). We here at THUMP however stand by the ethos that everyone deserves a second chance, and the duo's EDC DJ set is exactly that. They won't be playing live, Deadmau5 will be nowhere in sight (JK, you know he's everywhere), and they'll more than likely play some unheard tunes. And last but not least, they are the only female artists on the entire damn lineup. Just give them a chance guys...

Oliver Heldens
kineticFIELD | Sunday, 4:00PM-5:00PM

It's hard not to like Heldens. For starters, he's a really nice dude and told us funny stories about his high school rave dances... Secondly, he's part of a collection of artists (like Tchami) who have helped not only to popularize future house, but have changed the perception of what can be played on major festival stages. He's got a number one UK at an age where most of us for failing high school Chemistry, he's into naming tracks after animals, and without doubt, he'll crush his EDC set. Just admit it, you're sold.

circuitGROUNDS | Sunday, 4:00PM-5:00PM

This is the guy who managed to take dark Parisian techno and a love for classic, American hip-hop––and smash them into each others faces. From working with Kanye, to heralding his own Bromance records, Brodi remains a force to be reckoned with. Brodinski will be taking his talents to the festival main stage, the circuitGROUNDS , in yet another true indicator to the rapidly increasing profile of the industry's underground. Seeing him nestled next to Calvin Harris on a bill?... a bit weird. But we're not complaining!

Recondite (Live)
neonGARDEN | Sunday, 5:15PM-6:00PM

Hailing from Lower Bavaria, Germany, Recondite's live show was one of the most talked about underground entities of the last year. And let's be real: seeing a live artist throw down immersive minimal techno music at a festival like EDC NY is rare, and a total treat. EDC always thrives in their programming, and including Recondite besides artists like Dixon, ?, and Luciano should make for a memorable vibe, and one with not only minimal tunage, but minimal fist pumping.