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Ikonika Finds a Perfect Sweet Spot Between Grime and G-Funk on "Extrainterphalangea"

The Hyberdub producer steps up with a total trunk-rattler.

by Josh Baines
Feb 15 2017, 7:46pm

About a year ago now, one of our colleagues over at THUMP US, Joshua Glazer, strapped a speaker to his back and did a spot of yoga. It sounded like a pretty pleasant afternoon all told, and we'd probably give it a go ourselves if we could be bothered to do something more productive with our weekends than eating oven chips and watching ten episodes of Hell's Kitchen back to back.

Said speaker was made by SUBPAC, the wearable tech company who want you, me, and everyone we know to really experience music in a whole new way, and they're doing this by manufacturing, y'know, speakers you can wear. If you're a wee bit sceptical about the whole thing and are currently conceiving it as a kind of souped-up rumble pack, just know that everyone from Timbaland to Richie Hawtin have used their products, and if you can think of anything else that links those two figures we'd love to hear about it.

The company have recently recruited a fresh batch of bass-obsessed producers to push the equipment to it's absolute limits. You'll be able to hear what Kode9, Taso, Ash Koosa, and Pinch got up to very soon, but today we're bringing you an exclusive track from Hyperdub's very own Ikonika.

"Extrainterphalangea" is a super low-slung trunk-rattler that sits somewhere between G-Funk and grime, and it turns out that that's a very, very sweet spot to occupy. You can stream it in full—with or without the requisite tech—right here on THUMP.