Say Goodbye to House of Trax with This Brand New EP from Evil Streets

The legendary London party's coming to a close so why not celebrate it's life this weekend at their all-star Xmas bash?
December 15, 2015, 2:38pm

All good things come to an end: the Roman Empire, Subway's limited edition Mango Chicken sandwich, Rushmore and Fools' legendary House of Trax parties. Yep, you (sadly) read us right—H.O.T is collapsing in on itself. Sort of.

This Saturday coming sees the lads throw a good old fashioned Christmas bash—the H.O.T. Xmas Werks Do—at east London's Bar A Bar. It'll be their final night at that venue, and the penultimate House of Trax ever. While we can't guarantee that you'll be able to photocopy your genitals whilst trying to snog Kelly from accounts while Brian from HR cries into your ear about how hard he's taken the divorce, and Sandra on reception pukes into the IT man's fedora—because that's what happens at normal Christmas office parties, folks!— we do know that you'll be able to witness this lot smashing out set after set of energising, innovative club music all night long.

Let's be honest here — doesn't that look more fun than the prospect of "Last Christmas" parping across a dollied up office as the scent of cheap sausage rolls mingles with the acrid tang of room temperature white wine? Sure you might get a disciplinary for sacking off your own party for this one, but hey, who cares? Getting a new job is really easy if you haven't noticed!

In addition to that, Rushmore and Fools have decided to come on like the Santa Claus of Jersey Club and are giving away a brand new EP from Evil Streets. The Memphis Club: The Lost Chronicles EP sees, as Rushmore puts it, "Evil Streets reimagining Memphis rap classics into three tracks we've all been rinsing this year." Check it out below:

The House of Trax Xmas Werks Do takes place this Saturday at Bar a Bar. Head here for tickets.