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I’m Going to HW&W and WRC's SXSW Showcase Because They Have Fried Chicken

Good spend or not, you can’t argue with a full stomach.

by Ziad Ramley
Mar 12 2014, 11:22pm

As our SXSW itinerary suggests, competition between music showcases for the hearts and ears of show-goers in Austin is fierce. That's why I have to applaud Huh What and Where for making it so much easier to check out my favourite Canadians, Kaytranada and WRC Management head, Will Cole. Going up against competition from Warp Records, Fader Fort, Samsung, and Red Bull, the newly-minted LA label spent their marketing money on fried chicken and called it a day.

When I reached out to label vice president William Robillard Cole about the event, he responded simply: "Everyone else has BBQ and pack too many artists into too little time. LA is the home of Roscoe's… We wanted to bring LA to Austin and make this one about the homies."

You know what? Fuck marketing spends. You can catch Kaytranada, Stwo, Sango, Sweater Beats, Reva Devito, and honorary Canadian, Falcons, at the HW&W and WRC MGMT's showcase tonight at The Madison on fifth.

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